Executive Women’s Program – Golf For Business

“Golf A Great Business Decision”

Want to be included in the “secret corporate club”? Acquire skills, techniques and knowledge for the use of golf as a career development opportunity. Get in the game where career changing opportunities are discussed and decided…. on the golf course.

Deals are made on the golf course? Why should men be the only participants networking, making those deals, and utilizing golf as a career advantage? Our world is continuously changing…… women now have more influence than any other time in our history. Now is as good a time as any to learn the game of golf and allow you that competitive career advantage. Here is the answer!

Golf A Great Business Decision Curriculum is designed with the busy executive in mind to provide career enhancing skills. Learning the game of golf provides lifelong access and opportunity.

The Women In Golf Foundation’s “Golf A Great Business Decision” Curriculum will make a difference in your career and your life.

I. Preview Clinic – 2 hour course providing introductory basic fundamentals for new golfers and a review for those that want to re-orient themselves to the game of golf. The clinic will consist of learning stations – putting, chipping/pitching and full swing. (3-30 minute stations) Clubs will be provided for ladies without clubs at no additional cost. A brief conversation on the benefits of understanding basic rules and etiquette of the game of golf is also included.

II. Golf A Great Business Decision – Golf Lessons – First lessons in the series. The training will consist of 5 sessions. Each session will be 1.5 hours long. The curriculum includes introduction to the game of golf and how to use it for business, golf skill fundamentals, rules and etiquette, instruction on how to play a game that mirrors business and life and its obstacles. Insight in to how to improves one’s decision-making, planning and organization, how to focus and improve self-esteem. The first hour will be devoted to skills and fundamentals, with the last half hour focusing on rules and etiquette of the game. The program will be customized for corporate programs and seasonal requirements. Includes: Instruction, range fees, green fees, use of equipment, materials and gifts. Fees: Based on clinic size and corporate customization

III. Transition to Play – Take the skills you learn to the golf course. The golf course can be overwhelming to the new golfer. Course management is critical to the new golfer. Learn how to play your way around the golf course and reduce the intimidation of the new experience. Playing lessons of 3-4 holes per session. Fee includes range, cart and green fees

IV. Specialty clinics – Prefect your game. Work on special aspects of your game.
Long Iron – Improve the full swing, and distance, Short Iron – approach shots
Woods- Full swing and distance control, Course Management – Decisions on the golf course
Fees: Based on clinic size and required customization

V. Private Lessons – Skill based lessons – fees based on length of lessons

Programs are designed with the busy career woman in mind. Women looking to enhance their careers, network, exercise, and have fun. Programs are customized for corporate groups, organizations, groups of friends and co-workers.
Inquire: info@womeningolffoundation.org , or send us a request at contact us.