The program’s focus is on the development of life, leadership and competitive skills learned through the game of golf. Program participants learn to play a game that mirrors life and its obstacles. The instruction address the physical and the mental game as well as its relationship to life, thus improving self-esteem and the ability to move forward and assist in preparation for successful careers or in the case of the Executive Women’s Program enhance careers in the golf industry and the corporate world.  The overall goal for all the programs is to utilize the game of golf as a vehicle to enhance the lives of those interested in the extra edge.

The organization has three core program:

Women’s Collegiate Annual Golf Classic

2006WCGC_2The annual invitational event of selected women’s college teams participate and play for the Women’s Collegiate Championship. The trophy is the Renee Powell Cup, honoring Renee Powell, a pioneer African American Female professional golfer. The winning team is presented the trophy to reign as champions for the year. The event is officiated by Georgia Golf Association/PGA professionals/USGA volunteers and results are reported to Golf Statistics. Results are also reported via major sports publications and media forums.

The 3-day competition event, includes a weekend of learning, growing and networking opportunities;

  • Day 1 includes leadership development education and a pro-am tournament with Business professionals inclusive of our generous program sponsors and partners
  • Day 2 and 3 is the 36-hole championship tournament for the college women to culminate their season.

Youth Golf Leadership and Life Skills Program

WIGF youth programing is designed with the primary goal of developing leaders. The programs use golf as a focal point to teach critical leadership, competitive and social skills that are required for youth development. The programs focus on girls, but will accept boys if space is available.

The youth programs are made available to any youth applying and approved where ever they live. Over the twelve years of the program’s existence, students have participated across the United States.

The youth golf programs are supported by the USGA, LPGA, and the PGA Foundation.

Executive Women’s Golf Program

How many deals are made on the golf course?  Why should men be the only participants networking making those deals utilizing golf as career advantage?  Our world is continuously changing women now have more influence than any other time in our history.  The roles of women are actively being re-defined this is recognized by corporate executives, business owners and the PGA.  Now is as a good time as any to learn the game of golf and allow yourself that competitive career advantage.

Program Deliverables:

summercamp1_webWomen’s Annual Collegiate

  • A weekend of learning and applying leadership development and networking skills with the opportunity and access to industry experts and corporate role models.
  • Increase training, playing opportunities, and competitive participation levels of women in the sport.

Youth Program

  • Young females play golf in pursuit of scholarships to attend institutions of higher learning to further their education and potentially a career in golf.
  • Overall knowledge and etiquette on the golf course.
  • Leadership, life skills and golf

Executive Women’s Golf Program

  • Designed with the busy executive in mind this program provides career enhancing skills.  Learning the game of golf provides lifelong access and opportunity.
  • Inclusiveness to the “secret corporate club”.  Acquire skills, techniques and knowledge for the use of golf as a career development opportunity.